You may be aware that last week we threw down the gauntlet and announced our intention to end the Strong Leader model of governance in Sheffield City Council. Under the Localism Act 2011 – we have the power!

While many are eager to sign already, we estimate around 22,000 signatures of registered voters are required to trigger a referendum, so how are we going to get them?

How are we going to get the message out to disengaged communities? How are we going to win the final referendum? A daunting but exciting challenge!

It’s Our City! is a community-led organisation and so this event is being held to encourage your participation. We need an action plan, we need to find out our communities knowledge and talents and we need your ideas.

No matter how little you can offer, all efforts are welcomed, or just come and find out some more and meet the gang.

Meet at the area in Endcliffe Park that holds the Folk Forest during Tramlines. i.e. from the park entrance at the roundabout, take the path that would lead to the right side of the river and we’ll be in a little sunny glade. Kids of all ages welcome.

Please check out the event page for more details here