In Sheffield, just 10 councillors out of 84 have the power to make decisions!

The other 74 councillors (that’s 88% of them!), from all parties, have little or no power to make decisions.

In 2005, all councils were forced by law to change to this undemocratic system. But now councils are allowed to change to a modern committee system, where all councillors have a say in decision-making, along with communities and outside experts.

A modern committee system gives everyone in the city a voice so that better decisions can be made, making Sheffield a stronger and more resilient city.

If you think that just 10 councillors making the decisions is undemocratic (and leads to bad decisions!), please sign the petition:

Sheffield People’s Petition


Photo:By Vanroojdotcom [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons