Local Elections May 2018

In May 2018, It’s Our City! sent a clear message to the current ruling administration that we want change in our city – change for the good of the communities of Sheffield. We were targeting six winnable wards (based on background analysis of election trends) in the city where we believed it was possible for residents in Sheffield to send that clear message via their voting choices. The wards were:

• Broomhill and Sharrow Vale
• City
• Crookes and Crosspool
• Mosborough
• Nether Edge and Sharrow
• Walkley

From community discussions in public meetings, we developed a shared set of 5 community-based pledges (see below). We were asking the six local candidates we had chosen in the target wards to support (and publicise) these pledges. We selected the chosen wards and candidates carefully, focusing on, and selecting, potential winners who will also support our pledges. Our candidates were:

• Kaltum Rivers (Green Party) for Broomhill and Sharrow Vale
• Martin Phipps (Green Party) for City
• Mohammed Mahroof (Liberal Democrats) for Crookes and Crosspool
• Gail Smith (Liberal Democrats) for Mosborough
• Alison Teal (Green Party) for Nether Edge and Sharrow
• Bernard Little (Green Party) for Walkley

The pledges we developed through community conversations showcase some key changes we want to see in our city. You can read the pledges on this page.