Hi all,

We have sent out a mailshot to all the people who have signed the petition online.

The response has been great with over 50 people agreeing to help collect signatures in less than 24 hours and replies are still coming in thick and fast.

This level of support is heart-warming as are some of the messages we are receiving. Here is a selection:

‘Thanks for all you are doing to promote this vitally important campaign!’

‘I signed having been really impressed by your presentation at the Soup event. I voted for you and was sorry you didn’t win.’

‘Thanks for starting this much needed campaign to improve democracy in Sheffield.’

‘Thanks for all the effort and hard work you are putting in!’

‘I have shared with 50 of my contacts and urged them to sign.’

‘I am sure I will be able to get many more signatures than just the 12 on one sheet.’

‘We met on Spital Hill recently while you were campaigning in Burngreave. I took a paper petition and some leaflets. Wished I’d taken more. Please put me some in the post.‘

‘I’ve got a pub and will see what I can do for you.’

Many, many more. Thank you all you wonderful Sheffield folk. We are making steady progress and we know we can do this with your help.

Anne Barr