This weekend we are engaged in a mass community action!

Supporters of It’s Our City! campaign (to change the way our Council works) will be taking the message out this weekend – across all Sheffield communities.

We will be at 23 activities/events over the course of the two days, reaching out and talking to to voters in all 28 Council wards! We aim to generate 3000 more Sheffield People’s Petition signatures, distribute approximately 10,000 leaflets, and have thousands of conversations about how our Council makes decisions, and the power of communities working together to change this! We start Friday night with a mass leafleting event at Bramall Lane for the local derby match. If you see us out and about anywhere, though, do please come and say hello!

Voters in Sheffield have the community right (under the Localism Act 2011) to change the way our Council operates. At the moment, under the strong leader and cabinet model, only ten councillors make the decisions! The other 74 are effectively excluded (whatever party they are from!). This doesn’t fit Sheffield or work for Sheffielders! 21 wards in our city don’t have any councillor at all in the Cabinet so the vast majority of people we vote for, to represent us, have no say!!

Like many other places we would like to move to a modern Committee system, and to see much greater involvement in decision-making, for all our councillors to have a voice, proper and meaningful consultations, much greater transparency, and positive partnerships and collaborative working with community groups and other organisations.

This can be done – in fact it’s absolutely down to us voters in Sheffield. ALL OF US!

Please sign and share Sheffield People’s Petition, and do join us in working for change in our city – for all of us.