Voices for Change – Poetry Submissions

Here it is, short and sweet!

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the ‘ Voices for Change’ project. We really appreciate your talented efforts. As promised all the submissions are published below. There are a good number and they are very diverse in terms of themes and style. 

Over the coming weeks the literary judges Danuta Kot and Susannah Evans will be selecting the poems for the anthology which will be published some time next year. Actual dates and number of poems and format are still under discussion. We will be in touch in the near future with more details. 

Again thanks and regards,

Anne Barr, It’s Our City! co-ordinator

Barber Brownen A Clean Life
Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet
The price of an Abbeydale scythe
Charlotte Ansell Sheffield Poems
Jane Sharp Life on the X17
Off His Head
Paul Carnell At Brincliffe Edge
But if
Living with Ethel
Rita WillowAnti – Advert (to HSBC’s Poem Ad )
Built for Purpose
Group workshop poem
On My Doorstep
Sally Goldsmith Fairytale
Retreat in Forest Hill
The Alder, Sheffield
Shirley Cameron Botanical Gardens
Endcliffe Park
Porter Brook
Sharrow Festival in Sheffield
The Sheaf at Millhouses
You’d really enjoy living
Alan Payne Surrey street
Alexandra Carr-Malcom Multiple poems
Andrew SeniorDarkness Is
We are Sheffield
Saturday Lunchtime
Screw ‘em tight Pete
Maureen and the machines
Forefather meditation
Benjamin Zephaniah Lovely trees
Benoit PierreVoice-ity
Liz BassettThe Wonderful Everyday
Carl DouglasPride of the North
Claire BrockmanSheffield University November 1976
Cora GreenhillSeen in Sheffield
David SteadMultiple Poems
Derek AgarThe Voices of Hallam
Jane MoachOn the Bole Hills
Jenny HockeyMultiple Poems
Jill AngoodMultiple Poems
Jude WarrenderNeepsend Chinese chequered history
Katte RutterHard Shoulder
Kathy TowersThe Scream
Linda GouldenA View From Carsick Hill
Martin ParsonsSheffield: Split City
Molly Meleady-HanleyIt’s Our City – Our Voice and Rights
Nicky HallettSound Tracks
Oliver SmithSheffielders
Rachel BowerMultiple Poems
Rob MacFarlaneHeartwood
Rony Robinson The Carpenter and the Thief
Suzy CochraneWet bracken
Veronica FibisanDandelion distribution
Yvonne ReynoldsAll we hear